Nevada Youth Network 2021

Christmas Event

It’s so special to watch as the youth of Las Vegas are continuously given access to an environment that promotes positivity. Every single week through out the year, The Flores Family welcomes the kids of Sherman Gardens and Marble Manor housing community for guided exploration of life. They do everything from school work, to agriculture and yoga. They also make sure they get snacks and prizes during each week meeting. On this particular day, every year, they partner with some business owners in the city and make sure the kids get the toys that were on their wishlist, as well as make sure all the kids have brand new coats and shoes. This is really one of the most inspiring programs we’ve seen in the Las Vegas community. Check the Nevada Youth Network out!


Our young women need to know their ability and their worth. There is no limitation to the amount of love, nurturing, and innovation they can offer this world.These are our life sources. Chef Stacey Dougan and Simply Pure Created a memory and exposed some of our community’s young women to multiple sides of success!

XII Choices

It’s Important to expose our young men to the severity of consequence. You can either choose to have good consequences in life, or you can choose to have bad consequences. But you can not avoid consequence.

XII Food Run

Making A Big Impact with the Nevada Youth Network was one of our favorite memories so far. We partnered with the Mike Flores and The Nevada Youth Network to spend some quality time with some amazing kids from the West Side of Las Vegas. Our objective was to introduce some of these young scholars to examples of professionals in various fields. From News Anchors and Entrepreneurs to Photographers and Attorneys. This was definitely a day to remember.