Premium Butter Cream Hoodie

It’s definitely the time of year when we want to be comfy and cozy while still putting it on. This Fall season, Green The World has a limited edition Premium Cream Hoodie with matching bottoms. It’s as soft as butter and will have you feeling yourself. If you smell amazing too… you might get too much attention. Grab yours while they are in stock for a limited time.

Nude Bralette Set

In a world where everyone looks and dresses pretty much the same, it’s nice to express your individuality sometimes. We put a lot in to who we are as individuals. These Limited Time Green The World Bralette & Thong sets are perfect to express your individuality; but still comfy and sexy. Grab yours while they are available.


As the weather changes, so do our garments. As we layer up, we definitely have to make sure we do so in style. Green the World has dropped a whole line of quality hoodies that you can drape yourself in over the fall and winter season. This years line of classics wont last. One thing we love about our customers, is once they get one, they seem to want them all. Well lucky for you, there are multiple styles, colors, and price points to choose from. And when you receive your package, don’t forget to take a picture and tag @GreenTheWorldLV on Instagram for your chance to win Great gifts and bonuses.

Limited Premium Olive Hoodie

The colors you wear can communicate so many things. With Green The World’s Apparel, we always offer something that will help you communicate that individual expression, but also give you that public appreciation. Quality is something that should never be sacrificed. As a company, it’s our mission to uplift the community that we are from by providing QUALITY with any product we make available. Take a look at some Las Vegas flavor form Green The World view.

What Is Energy? - Shaan Rahi

Energy is all around us. It’s literally everything. During this sit down, we were lucky enough to exchange some energy with Shaan Rahi. He has been succeeding tremendously in the solar industry for a greater part of the decade. He is the Director Of Territory Development for a BILLION dollar renewable energy outfit based out of Louisiana. Rahi has been assisting home owners with making the Solar transition as well as hiring and training thousands of others that embark upon this rapidly growing industry. Shaan can be reached by direct message on Instagram.… Follow him and send him a message if you are interested in working in one of the many sectors of the solar industry. OR Reach out to Green The World on:… Email:

Make a Way Out Of No Way!

When you believe in yourself enough for everyone around you, amazing things will seem to fall in to place. Sometimes you can’t take credit for how well things are going around you. Some things are just divine. But when you believe that you can accomplish anything, and a few divine things going your way will give you a momentum that can’t be stopped! Check out Cater to Cater Company Apparel. They are making some significant moves in the city. Take a Look!

Style VS Fashion

Aren’t you tired of wearing the same thing as everyone else? Sometimes does it feel like everyone hit the same link at the same time and bought the same thing? What happened to being naturally individual while expressing yourself through threads and fabrics? Well HAUTE CHIX BOUTIQUE gives you the chance to bring your ideal style to life! Mix and match with their dynamic selection of Clothing, Bags, Shoes, and Accessories. Not to mention how much the owners do for the Las Vegas Community. Make it a shopping experience, call and ask about a “Purchase Package”. Or just go online to . You’ll be glad you did!


The perfect hoodie is hard to come by. With everyone just trying to make a quick buck, it makes it hard to tell who is giving you a quality product they put their heart in to. For over half of the last decade Green The World has been providing you with your FAVORITE pieces to capture your style, while keeping you comfortable and cozy. This Premium Black Green The World hoodie will be added to your favorite wears in no time! Purchase yours today while supplies last.


The way you dress in one of the most common expressions we have as people. When we choose what clothes to put on every day, we are expressing how we feel. Mostly to ourselves. If you like the way you look and feel, that is really all that matters. This summer, Green The World is releasing a line of pastel garments that express the different moods of summer. Take a look and pick up a few pair on your way out!


Being yourself on purpose takes courage. You have to be okay with being hated by someone if you’re okay with being loved by someone. People get what they want. Society’s perspective depends on who wants you to be the bad guy and who wants you to be the good guy. But in the midst of it all… never forget who you want to be to YOURSELF. The Jeep Community is such a great example of embracing individualism while still being a healthy community. Check out this Quick Clip from the Desert sands of Las Vegas, NV and MORE at www.GreenTheWorld.Store


There is so much more than grains and spices in the food we eat! When people prepare a meal, the energy they put in to it gets digested along with the rest of the ingredients. In this Episode of Chews For Thought, Green The World got to tag along with a Nationally Ranked, Authentic Egyptian Restaurant called POTS. They are lead by Iman. She is an Egyptian Native that came to the Las Vegas community a few years ago. Since she opened, POTS has received multiple gratifying awards, INCLUDING YELPS TOP 100 in AMERICA! They also have been giving 50 meals a day away to those in need to during this COVID 19 Pandemic. POTS is DEFINITELY somewhere you want to check out! Here is a taste of the Culture.

Simply Pure

Simply Pure has been a heavy hitter in the Las Vegas Community for years now. Hanging out with the Simply Pure crew was healthy in so many dimensions! CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO THEN GO CHECK THEM OUT IN PERSON!

We All Have A Purpose

Purpose is a terrible thing to waste. When a person finds purpose in life, they are never the same. It’s an internal stimulation that drives us to pass mediocre time and time again. If you have found your purpose, how many people can you help find theirs? Inspiration is something that is always needed. Let’s inspire each other to embrace purpose.


Song: Sappheiros – Aurora


Home made food can make you feel soo good! There’s something about the vibes put in when the person making the food actually knows and  cares about you. For this weeks Chews For Thought, we decided to make a Pizza from scratch with Mr. Naem! His recipe is something special! Check it out!