Music & Arts

Sharna Bass - Worth It

It’s crazy how universal music is! It doesn’t matter where you are from or what dialect you speak. Music is a language that you can feel. Sharna Bass is a West London phenom! She brews up that vibration that makes you feel related to. One thing is for sure, taking a minute to groove with this is certainly WORTH IT!

Snoh Aalegra - I Want You Around

Sometimes you just want the company of someone who compliments your vibe. No words are needed. Just somewhere comfy to throw your weight on each other. Even without sex you feel connected. It’s a beautiful thing when we can combine energy cohesively; while the perfect sound track guides the mood. Listen to the Swedish native Snoa Aalegra“s song “I Want Around”. It is the sound you want when you’re enjoying someone specials company.

Tobe Nwigwe: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Tobe Nwigwe is bringing an authentic flavor to the music of our generation. Representing H-Town (Houston, TX), Tobe embraces his Nigerian roots while  using  the art of song writing, arranging and overall showmanship to deliver a message. On this Tiny Desk, you can see why Eryka Badu and Dave Chappelle sign off on his ability.  This morally sound leader seems to be headed for great things.

Ari Lennox - Whipped Cream (Live @ Blue Note)

Ari Lennnox has been on FIRE! Since she released “Shea Butter Baby” and landed the Creed II score, it has been all systems go! This Chocolate Sensation from Washington, D.C. partnered with J. Coles Dreamville and hasn’t looked back since. This is a Live performance she did at the Blue Note in New York City. This is Soul…

FKJ (French Kiwi Jucie) - Vibin' Out With (((O)))

FKJ ( French Kiwi Juice) - Vibin' Out With (((O)))

There was a time when music was respected as a sacred art. The one creating, composing, or conducting the music was viewed as gifted because people respected that good music is UNDOUBTEDLY supernatural and proof of a higher power. It’s ability to cater to and trigger our emotions is such an under rated and under under-utilized  gift/tool.  FKJ (French Kiwi Juice) keeps the baton in motion for the BRILLIANT FRENCH COMPOSERS that have surfaced the Earth. Try this vibe when you’re looking for spacey peaceful thoughts .It’s called “VIBIN OUT WITH ((( O ))) “.

Lucky Daye - Roll Some Mo'

Lucky Daye - Roll Some Mo'

New Orleans is undefeated in it’s ability to deliver a flavor that leaves you wanting more. Yet again, the Big Easy breeds a soulful product in the for of Musical Artist LUCKY DAYE. He comes with a pristine ambiance. His music surrounds you with warmth and comfort. Roll one, if that’s your thing, AND PLAY “ROLL SOME MO” a few times.

Jidenna - Tribe

Jindenna comes with the bounce! Everyone with a Tribe will feel this track. It doesn’t matter what your people do as long as you understand each other. Love your people for who they are. THAT’S MY TRIBE!

Mike Xavier - Open Letter (Official Music Video)

Mike Xavier is the epitome of getting it Off the Muscle.  He has continuously elevated his craft all while the crowds around him get bigger! His message is clear. He is a walking example of what it means to never give up. This is the Official Video for a song called “Open Letter”.

Zelly Vibes - Heavy Submarine (Spanish Version) Official Music Video

Zelly Vibes is killing the scene with her Spanglish essence. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, this is something you can feel. Zelly has an authentic Vegas Style lane with a Gwen Stefani flare. This Video is FIRE!